African American Kwanzaa Cards

African American Kwanzaa Cards


Size 5"x7"/ 15 cards per box

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K-915 May the spirit of Kwanzaa revive and
fortify you as you walk according to the rich
message and valuable principles of the season!
Happy Kwanzaa!

K-916 May the spirit of Kwanzaa fill your heart.
Bringing peace to the past, prosperity for
today and bright hope for tomorrow. Kwanzaa

K-917 This Kwanzaa let us come together as
family and rejoice in the arms of our community.
May our lives be replenished by our friends and
bring us prosperity and harmony in the new year.
Happy Kwanzaa!

K-918 May your heart be filled with light as
we celebrate the rich Kwanzaa heritage and
principles. Let us take the time to share love
and laughter for generations to come. Happy