Return Policy

Return policy:
We Guarantee 100% that your order will be fulfilled to your exact specifications.

If we do make a mistake, you can rest assured that we will immediately redo your order at no additional cost to you.

PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds on custom baskets, t-shirts or other personalized gifts.

If the Customer makes a mistake (such as a misspelling or incorrect color choice), we will work with the customer on having your order remade correctly and give the best price possible.

IMPORTANT: When you submit your order, you will receive a receipt or confirmation via email. It is your responsibility to review the order information to ensure that it is correct. If anything is incorrect, please contact us as quickly as possible. If we do not hear anything from you, we must assume that all the information is correct and we will begin production and fulfill the order as is.

Hopeless RHOmantic, LLC wants your business! We are confident that once you experience the incredible value of our products and our exceptional customer service, you will continue to do business with us.

Terms and Conditions
Payment Options: We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, PayPal and Square.

Shipping: We ship USPS and UPS.

Production Time & Deadlines: Production time varies from 2 business days to 3 weeks depending on the product, service, and quantity selected. If you have a deadline, simply notify and we’ll do everything within our power to meet it.

Artwork Requirements: A high resolution JPG will enable us to give you the best quality product possible.

Trademark Usage: We assume that all artwork or other materials submitted by you is in full compliance with all applicable laws regarding trademarks, service marks, copyrights, or other similar intellectual property protection.

Pricing: We try to keep our prices as consistent and as low as possible; however, all pricing is subject to change without notice. Please check back online to verify current pricing.

SALES TAX: The following applies only to orders being shipped to an address in Maryland. Orders to all other states WILL NOT have sales tax added to them. If you are shipping to an address in Maryland, we are required to collect 6% Maryland sales tax.

Product Substitutions: If a product is out of stock, we may substitute a similar product of equal or greater value.